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  • PONTE GIULIO S.p.A. - Loc. Ponte Giulio - 05018 - Orvieto (TR) - Italy

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Ponte Giulio offers ADA washroom accessories, designed in Italy to have style and a non-institutional appearance. We offer colored products that are soft and warm to the touch, environmentally friendly, provide a superior non-slip surface and are antimicrobial. We offer the architectural and design community solutions and options, with soft warm lines, compatible with today’s style of bathroom fixtures.

Many manufacturers of similar products are using the same specs and materials they used in the 1970’s, Ponte Giulio continuously offers new products, to meet the demand of your discriminating customers. A grab bar doesn’t have to look institutional.
Ponte Giulio’s single focus is “solutions for safe bathrooms” and we want you, to use your creativity, to design unique, exciting, safe, non-institutional bathroom environments for your clients. Our products are appropriate for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and other commercial and residential uses.
For more than 30 years, what has distinguished our brand, is the commitment to design products that can guarantee a safe and pleasant use of the bathroom for all people all over the world.